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  • Nairi
    VISUO XS812 GPS 5G WiFi
    Дрон получил вовремя. Упаковка и сам товар соответствуют описанию. Проверил, всё работает нормально. Так как во время проверки под рукой не было микроСД карты, не смог проверить качество фотографирования и видео сразу с камеры. По Wifi качество фотографий и видео оставляет желать лучшего. Приложение не разрешает мне удаленно получить качество больше 720p. Но судить по приложению о качестве камеры не хочу. По этому сейчас выкладываю фотографии самого товара, а на днях, когда будет летная погода, сниму видео на СД карту и выложу дополнительно.

    Dron got on time. The packaging and the product itself correspond to the description. Checked, everything works fine. Since during the check there was no micro SD card at hand, I could not check the quality of photographing and video right from the camera. According to Wifi, the quality of photos and videos leaves much to be desired. The application does not allow me to remotely get a quality greater than 720p. But judged by the built-in application of the camera quality, I do not want. For this, now I post photos of the product itself, and the other day, when there is summer weather, I will shoot the video on the SD card and lay out extra.

    Dec 07,2018

  • BL
    Worst product I've ever purchased
    I read the reviews and thought it would be a great budget drone to buy but was totally disappointed.

    Firstly, the shipping service is totally crap. Estimated shipping time said 15-20 days and product arrived after nearly 2 months.

    Drone review:
    Can't find any yet

    1. Drone arrived defective. Left LED in front does not work. When unlocking the motors, only 3 propellers spin. The front right propeller needs to be rotated manually to start spinning.

    2. The camera module gets very hot.

    3. The camera quality is one of the worst I've ever seen. For a supposedly 1080p quality, it looks more like a 240p.

    4. The battery is bad as well. Claims to last over 14mins. Once the drone is flying, you can see the battery percentage dropping by 1% for every 2-3 seconds. I'm pretty sure that the battery drainage is due to the camera module getting very hot for whatever reason.

    I wished I never bought this drone and also wished there were more honest reviews like this one to have helped me avoiding that mistake. Honestly, don't waste your money on this one!

    Jan 27,2019


    We are sorry to hear that your product was not as expected.
    We offer a detailed description of all our products on the item page.
    Customers are also more than welcome to submit a question to our QA team and we will reply via the product Q&A's.
    Most of our products come with a 45 day guarantee and have a 1 year repair warranty.
    Please see here for more details: http://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html#item2.
    We have sent a message to offer solutions to you, please check it in detail and reply to us there.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best regards,
    Gearbest Customer Service Center

    Mar 17,2019

  • Alessandro
    Ho dovuto renderlo...
    Ciao ragazzi,come dal titolo si puo' capire ho dovuto,a malincuore,restituire il drone.La causa non e' del prodotto in se' stesso,peraltro molto bello e curato,ma dell'applicazione con la quale hai tutti i parametri e la telemetria del volo nonche' la possibilita' di fare foto e video.Tale applicazione sul mio Samsung note 3 non ne voleva sapere di funzionare..appena l'aprivo tempo 2/3 secondi si richiudeva senza poter fare nulla.Ho letto qua e la' su internet che diversi clienti di questo drone hanno dovuto formattare e riportare alle condizioni di fabbrica il propio smartphone...sinceramente non me la sono sentita di farlo.Nonostante io abbia "perso" €. 29 per la riconsegna,ripeto,non per un guasto o malfunzionamento del drone ma solamente la incopatibilita' dell'app sul mio smartphone.
    Ho pure provato a contattare lo sviluppatore dell'app in questione senza avere nessuna risposta.Spero che questa mia recenzione vi possa essere utile.
    BELLISSIMO DRONE e Gearbest si e' rivelata molto veloce e comunicativa con la mia non positiva esperienza.

    Dec 10,2018

  • Emilio Prezioso
    Un drone per iniziare
    Consegna nei termini previsti. Prodotto perfettamente funzionante e conforme alle descrizioni tecniche pubblicizzate, ma rimane un drone di primo livello. In volo è abbastanza stabile e di facile controllo. La camera pur essendo una 1080 a 30 fps ha qualche problema col bilanciamento del bianco soprattutto sulla neve è i filmati e le foto riprodotti su tv danno una immagine di non alta definizione e "sgranato" un po. Quindi non vi aspettate di fare i fotoreporter ma accontentatevi solo di qualche ripresa e foto accettabile e abbastanza stabile soprattutto pilotando molto delicatamente e non in velocità. Complessivamente il rapporto qualità prezzo resta comunque stupefacente e si resta sorpresi dalla contenuto tecnologico del prodotto.
    Giudizio ampiamente positivo per un primo livello.

    Feb 22,2019

  • Ollk
    Great for a first quadcopter!
    Well done Gearbest for a rapid delivery!
    This is a sturdy and very capable quadcopter which for £77 ticks all the boxes! Would be a little wary if it was more, but even then, it is a lot for the money!
    Flight is stable and the range seems good.
    The remote seems to be reasonable quality for the price point too!

    Cons - Not really any with the drone or remote, however, I only have one issue that knocked off 1 Star. The software for the remote does not seem to work with a Samsung S6 Edge. Is this phone really too old already!? I am not the only person struggling with this issue! Also, wifi seems to be only compatible with the latest smartphones so if you have a lesser model or older phone then expect no telemetric video.
    That aside, you can use the UFO software to view the image but there is no data.

    Very happy!

    Nov 26,2018

  • DD
    Ta wersja jest beeeest
    Super sprzęt. trochę trenowałem na mini dronie, ale jestem laikiem. Po uruchomieniu i dzięki GPS zawisł w powietrzu i powoli nauczyłem się nim latać. Kamera- średnia. Czas ładowania baterii długi. Pilotowanie z podglądem na redmi note 4, przyjemne. Wadą jest słaba instrukcja obsługi, ale to nie rakieta i można wszystkiego wypróbować. Polecam nawet jako pierwszy dron. Nie rozumiem, dlaczego zalecają najpierw kupić malutkiego drona i nauczyć się podstaw. Mając GPS w dronie można bezpiecznie , w delikatny sposób nauczyć się obsługi i sterowania. Inna sprawa to czas dostawy i oczekiwanie na paczkę. Żałosne!

    Mar 17,2019

  • mohammad
    I have nothing bad to say about this drone every thing perfect the GPS works amazing let's talk about the quality no one talked about it in the YouTube unboxing video's it's in my hand its really a high quality better than any drone with this price the battery work for 14 minutes with using all the functions if you use it just flying and olay with it will give you 18 minutes flying time.... The camera it's very good nit the perfect but you can take a nice pictures and live with it.... The shipping was so fast and it packed very well.. I really recommend it highly

    Oct 07,2018

  • ManfredL
    Für den Preis überraschend gut!
    Bei dem Preis dachte ich mir wenn's nix ist dann hat's wenigstens nicht viel gekostet. Die Bilder sind natürlich nicht in der Qualität wie es eine 1000 Euro Drone liefern würde aber durchaus brauchbar. Die Flugzeit ist auch überschaubar aber durchaus so dass man mit drei Akkus und wechseln ein paar nette Bilder machen kann. Für gelegentliche Flugaufnahmen beim Wandern oder so reicht die Drone durchaus aus. Was mich stört ist dass man den Kamerawinkel nicht während des Flugs verändern kann, der voreingestellte Winkel kann also nur am Boden verändert werden.

    Sep 03,2019

  • Vitaliy
    After a very successful sales of quadcopter VISUO models, the company developed and released a new model called the XS812. This quadcopter received a new design, better camera, GPS positioning and several intelligent flight modes. The only disadvantage is the use of brush engines instead of high-quality and durable brushless engines. Yes, if he put brushless motors - he would not have the price

    Dec 06,2018

  • Blackdharma
    Visuo XS812
    I'm sorry for the delay but I completely forgot to review this exceptional product with an excellent quality / price ratio!
    It has become my favorite "to use outdoor" drone :) because it is not very nice light and thanks to the stable GPS, even if given its low weight it remains sensitive to the wind. I think it's one of the best products that came out on the market recently;)
    shipping and arrival were fast, and the perfect packaging without signs of bumps and dents;), excellent care in the packaging.
    I highly recommend this aircraft for everyone, as well as the seller for speed and care of shipping :)))

    Jun 22,2019