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Tero Q215 χιλιοστά FPV Racing RC Drone Kit
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Tero Q215 χιλιοστά FPV Racing RC Drone Kit

- Μαύρος BNF (με Frsky XM +)

F4 PRO + V2 FC 30Α 2 - 6S 4 σε 1 ESC
4.24 25 Αξιολογήσεις πελατών | Please refer to English description
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215mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit
Wheelbase: 215mm
Arm Plate Thickness: 5mm
Bottom Plate Thickness: 5mm
Side Plate Thickness: 3mm
Material: carbon fiber

Rcharlance F4 PRO+ V2 Flight Controller
Processor: F4 ( STM32F405 )
Gyroscope: MPU6000 ( Reserved external gyroscope interface )
Firmware: BetaFlight OMNIBUS F4SD
Input Voltage: 2 - 6S LiPo support
BEC Output: 5V 3A
Firmware: BetaFlihgt 3.2.0 OMNIBUSF4SD
Net Weight: 12g ( not including cable )
Size: 36 x 36mm
Mounting Hole: 30.5 x 30.5mm

Support PPM, SBUS, IBUS, DSM2 / DSMX Receiver ( UART1 )
Integrated with OSD, support BF Ground Station adjust OSD
Adjust the PID by OSD via remote control
DShot support
Support Smart Audio, adjust the VTX by OSD ( UART3 )
MicroSD card black box
Baro ( BMP280 )

Frequency: 5362 - 5945MHZ
Video Format: NTSC / PAL
Transmitting Power: 25 / 200 / 600 / 800mW switchable
Operating Voltage: DC 7V - 24V
Output Voltage: 5V 450mA
Working Current: 25mW: 240mA / 200mW: 340mA / 600mW: 520mA / 800mW: 600mA
Remote Software Protocol: Smart Audio V2.0
Audio Bandwidth: 6.5MHz
Video Bandwidth: 18MHz
Channel: 40CH
Range: up to 4km omnidirectional RHCP antennas
Connector: MMCX 
Supports smart audio ( remote parameter adjustment )

30A 2-6S BLHeli - S 4 in 1 ESC
Input Voltage: 2 - 6S LiPo battery
Constant Current: 30A
Peak Current: 40A
BEC Output: no
Mounting Hole Spacing: 30.5mm
30A Continuous Current: 50A burst
8-bit compatible ESC ( BLHeli - S )
Incredibly small size
Very low weight
Auto timing feature
Build in a current sensor
Smooth response
Compatible with BetaFlight F3 / F4 flight controller
Support Damped Mode, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300, Dshot600, forward and reverse.

FPV Camera
CCD: 1/3 inch super HAD II CMOS
Horizontal Resolution: 700TVL
TV System: PAL / NTSC
5D OSD Button: yes
Input Voltage: DC12V
Dimensions ( mm ): 25 x 25 ( W x L )
Menu ( OSD ): English menu
White Dot Repair: support
Image Adjustment: support
Weight: 14.6g ( with bracket )

2206 2600KV Motor
KV: 2600KV
Battery ( LiPo ): 2 - 4S
Spindle Diameter: 22mm
Spindle Length: 6mm
Out Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Motor Size: 33.5 x 39.1mm
Thrust: 1600g ( 16V 5048 3-blade propeller )

Frsky XM+ Receiver ( BNF version only )
Dimension: 21.5 x 12 x 3.5mm ( L x W x H )
Weight: 1.6g
Number of channels: up to 16CH from SBUS ( 1 -15CH for PWM, 16CH RSSI for FC )
Operating Voltage Range: 3.7 - 10V
Operating Current: 30mA 5V
Operating Range: full range
With RSSI Output on Board: analog 0 - 3.3V
Firmware upgradeable
Compatibility: FrSky D16 mode

Note: the colors of the propellers are sent randomly.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά


Τύπος: Κιτ πλαισίου

Διαστάσεις και βάρος

Βάρος προϊόντος: 0.2370 kg
Βάρος συσκευασίας: 0,4600 kg
Μέγεθος προϊόντος (Π x Υ x Β): 21,50 χ 21,50 χ 8,00 εκ. / 8,46 χ 8,46 χ 3,15 ίντσες
Μέγεθος συσκευασίας (Π x Υ x Β): 16,00 χ 16,00 χ 5,00 εκ. / 6,3 χ 6,3 χ 1,97 ίντσες

Περιεχόμενα συσκευασίας

Περιεχόμενα συσκευασίας: 1 x 215 χιλιοστά Κιτ οπτικών ινών άνθρακα, 1 x δέκτης, 1 x F4 Pro + ελεγκτής πτήσης, 1 x 30A BLHeli - S 4 σε 1 ESC, 1 x 700TVL CMOS κάμερα, 4 x 2206 2600KV χωρίς ψήκτρες, 4 x CW έλικα, 4 x προπέλα CCW, 1 x κεραία, 1 x πλάκα μπαταρίας, 1 x ιμάντα μπαταρίας
Tero Q215 χιλιοστά FPV Racing RC Drone Kit- Μαύρος BNF (με Frsky XM +)
Tero Q215 χιλιοστά FPV Racing RC Drone Kit- Μαύρος BNF (με Frsky XM +)
Tero Q215 χιλιοστά FPV Racing RC Drone Kit- Μαύρος BNF (με Frsky XM +)
Tero Q215 χιλιοστά FPV Racing RC Drone Kit- Μαύρος BNF (με Frsky XM +)

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Αξιολογήσεις πελατών

4.24 out of 5
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  • Stuffy
    STX225 fpv drone
    Originally ordered the TeroQ215 but when I found out it was going to take an extra two weeks to ship because of demand, I changed my order to the STX225 fpv drone. As it turns out, this drone was shipped about the same time which means I could have waited. I haven't completely finished the build on the STX as it is a bit more complicated than the Tero. I am hoping the STX can still do a PPM receiver. There is no manual as to how to wire the flight controller.

    However, customer support on the switch was great

    Oct 17,2018

  • Stahi
    Excellent kit
    From the high quality carbon to the recessed screws - a very nice frame. Nice looking props, Flight controller stack and motors. Skip the braided wire covers and reverse camera feed others have noted. I love the awesome multicolor leds. They change based on your stick input. I’m looking for another kit this good. I should have ordered 2 or 3 and given them as Christmas gifts or to have saved someone the 14 plus days it took to arrive.

    Nov 11,2018

  • Marcelo
    Tero Q215 Big Issues - Problems
    Problems found during mouting:
    1 - The wires (video signal and 5v) from video cam to vtx was INVERTED;
    2 - to use DSMX receiver we have to unplugged the signal wire from the plug and then soldering direct to the rx1 pin;
    3 - the gnd wire from ESC to FC board burn out... we rebuild the wire... look for the reason may cause the wire burned and didn’t found nothing wrong, with the new wire rebuild... we plug the battery and every thing works fine!
    Tero Q215 is flying OK with no more issues.

    Oct 22,2018

  • Juergen
    Got it yesterday...
    Got it yesterday at lunchtime, build it in the afternoon. Flashed Betaflight 3.5.3#60, adjusted it in the morning and did a maiden flight. Everything works perfectly and it flies like a dream.

    Did the following changes:

    - motors are softmounted
    - FC mounted with flight controller Anti-Vibration fixed screws from Realacc
    - changed camera for a better quality one

    Only deficiency:

    - VTX all the time changes channel to default channel when plugging in a battery

    Nov 04,2018

  • Geoff
    BFight 210
    This review is for the BFIght 210, I changed my order through Gearbest support and they made it very easy. I think the BFight 210 is a better quad copter and I only had to install a receiver. I have tested it in my garden and it seems to work fine, I'm just waiting for the warmer weather to be able to put it through it's paces.

    Jan 22,2019

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