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  • Paul
    Clean & clinincal design
    I decided on this version rather than the Guanqin variant for its cleaner, even more spartan dial. I also wanted this watch as soon as I saw its strap lugs, deep and bold covering the full height of the central section of the case, so many design features making this an unusual timepiece! When it arrived today I manually wound it so the power reserve meter was on full showing 42, then put it on my wrist and noticed that after half an hour it had auto wound further, which was a bit odd, so took it off and put it to one side to let the meter wind down a bit. Although I have other watches with the same case diameter, this one does wear big on the wrist & seems very prominent - certainly not a discrete watch! Unlike the pictures on the web page, the hands appear black except when seen a certain angles, but again this is another nice feature that make the watch a bit special to wear. Now idea what the movement is, but it does look well finished with some basic decoration. The supplied strap is really rather nice, but I think this watch will also look great with a bold coloured strap, probably blue with white stitching, but I'm more than happy to keep the current strap on this for the moment. Any complaints, well those lovely lugs, the transition where they meet the case could be a bit better as they show a couple of angles rather than following the curve of the case, in a similar manner he crown has a 'stuck on' appearance and it would have been nice to have seen this on a raised plinth on the case side, so this is the reason for the four not five stars - but I am being very picky here.

    Nov 17,2018

  • Ron
    Beautiful Watch - some quality issues
    Ordered this after long considaration -
    While i wanted an automatic watch, i Was debating between this one and the other version GearBest holds, which has the "32 german words" written on the dial.
    as i perfered a cleaner look - i went for this version.

    Order and delivery went quick and the watch arrived well.

    it is still very nice, esthetics and build quality are good.
    Only issue, that actually obthered me a lot was with the main aim of this watch -
    As a monos tribute, its main "thing" is the energy level indicator, the big top sub-dial on the watch's face.
    when i received my watch it was obviously not running - still the hand shows like is has power in it, the energy-hand was not resting on "0" where is should have been.
    i decided to give it a try and wind the watch to see maybe its a calibration thing.
    that i noticed that when winded all the way up - the energy hand will travel all the way to maximum and than exceed the dial and hit the clock hands.

    beside the functionality fault, this also makes the watch look extremely cheap - definitely not something you want when wearing such an elegant watch.

    This is a short video i made to demonstrate the issue.

    i do believe that GearBest would resolve this issue - they are known for the great customer service.
    Hopefully i can update once it is resolve, as this watch really deserves 5 star rating.

    Jan 11,2019


    We are sincerely sorry for this issue.

    Any issue please kindly feel free to contact our support center, we are always here to provide the solutions for you.

    Please kindly review our warranty policy here:


    Best regards,

    Mar 23,2019

  • Gary
    Very nice watch, surprising quality, not perfect though
    Watch is well constructed, nicely finished and to my surprise has an accurate hacking and hand winding movement that is quite attractively decorated.

    Strap is of excellent quality, but is very long, even on a 7.5" wrist there is a lot of excess length, people with small wrists may need to fit a smaller strap to fit.

    The watch case did arrive with some scratches on the left side, I may be able to polish those out, but a new in box product should not look like it has been dragged across a table before packing. The scratches were underneath the protective plastic film.

    Overall, quite happy.

    Nov 08,2018

  • Ipse
    I chose this one over the equivalent Guanquin Nomos Lambda homage and don't regret it
    I could not get over the bizarro writing on the Guanquin (Ger-English???) and I'm not even mentioning the caseback weirdness.
    Cadisen has a cleaner dial and a better power reserve indicator that does not get stuck at max for 8hrs.

    Negatives...only one star removed:
    - no sapphire glass at the same price point with the Guanquin
    - pressed caseback On a glass one? How on Earth would one put it back without breaking (I ruined one).
    - horrible elephant feet

    Nov 08,2018

  • bombardir
    CADISEN C1030
    Часы дошли через 2,5 недели после заказа (причем заказывал под новый год). Упакованы часы отлично. После вскрытия упаковки обнаружил свои шикарные часы. Часы мне очень нравятся. Выглядят часы дорого и солидно, качеством часов доволен. Цена по акции за часы очень привлекательная. Это моя первая покупка на данном сайте и в этом магазине. Очень доволен.
    Магазин рекомендую для покупок.

    Jan 16,2019


    "We sincerely appreciate your feedback.

    We are happy to hear that you enjoy shopping with us at

    Thank you for your support.

    Many thanks!

    Best Regards,"

    Apr 28,2019

  • Rodiow
    Fast delivery
    I could not believe how Fast this arrived from ordering to delivery to the UK, Four days!,
    As for the watch it is very nice,.... I had hoped for white hands on black dial but they are silver,
    My previous order was for the Guanqin which I think is very slightly better, it has a screw display case back and the Cadisen does not, only push on, but all things considered well worth the money.

    Nov 16,2018

  • MW
    Affordable alternative to 'Lambda'
    Not a bad design: the power reserve indicator works well, the readability of the large dial is very good, the watch operates quite accurate, but will lose time at lower power settings (the movement is VERY sensitive to the winding condition).
    The extra date (the original 'Nomos' does neither have a date nor automatic movement) is practical, the mesh strap is of decent quality.
    A cool watch for my collection, recommended.

    May 14,2019

  • Richard
    Super Sleek Watch
    Like the minimalist look of this watch. Band is easy to adjust and very comfortable
    Look awesome on and I get lots of compliments when I am wearing it.
    I think the value for the price is outstanding. I was afraid the power indicator would
    be a none functioning hand, but it actually show the power reserve!!
    Well ove 42 hour reserve!!

    Oct 17,2018

  • Sval
    Great Value
    I am pleasantly surprised with this watch. It is my first Chinese one and I have no problem with adding this to my collection of Hamilton's, Tudor and Seikos. It fits in nicely with the collection. I will see how it goes after 6-12 months and might be back for another Cadisen.

    Nov 13,2018

  • Andy S
    Quality Watch
    Comes in a nice presentation box and easy to adjust steel mesh strap.
    I love the design and the power reserve feature that visibly shows you exactly how much power it has left before needing a wind. Fits very comfortably on my large wrist and looks good to look at.

    Dec 08,2018