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  • cmahar3
    Wow what an amazing drone for the price!
    All I can say is WOW. This drone is so cool. The first time I flew and auto landed it I actually jumped up and down. I've flown several drones but none with gps. This thing homes and lands itself! And it's pretty stable in the sky. When you let go of the sticks it stays where you put it with only a little drift, and once it gets over a dozen GPS satellites it's really stable. It zooms up, but comes down more slowly. When you go to land it, if it's below 15 meters it zooms up to 15 meters to avoid trees, then transits to its home x-y location, then slowly comes straight down. Super cool. Camera is amazing. the app isn't the greatest but it works OK if you turn off and click "forget" on other networks near you. I've had it up to 68 meters and it had good video. Have used the circle me feature, and that's pretty cool. Haven't tried follow me, but I think it would work given that all the other stuff works in the app. Sometimes the app loses connection and doesn't regain until I cycle power on the drone, which requires that you do the drone dance again on startup. But overall I am super happy with this drone.

    Dec 27,2018

  • Gergely
    Nice drone with some limitations
    Nice drone for starters. I did not fly drone before, and I only crashed with the drone once, and it did not take any damage :)

    What I like:
    - robust flight, turning on GPS mode holds indeed in position the drone (however I have doubts on if it is based on GPS technology, but since this is the label on the switch, I use this term)
    - camera pitch control
    - lights on the drone, very useful

    What I don't like:
    - the app shows no GPS signal, while the radio controller shows more than ten. I never saw GPS signal in the app, so some of the advertised function is not available, such as point of interest or follow-me mode.
    - frame drops. I don't really know the reason behind it: in case of package loss on real-time video stream a frame drop wil be present not only in the real-time video but on the SD card as well.

    With these drawbacks, I still find this drone a five star drone for this amount of money.

    Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUdPqmPdbiQ

    Jan 27,2019

  • Allan P
    Great 1st time Drone, Fantastic Price and Package Deal
    This is my first drone and it is really a good starter drone. I had no difficulty setting it up and flying it for the first time. Very stable and very good battery life. The package deal with 3-batteries and a case was an exception deal at only $159 USA. Most reviewers will describe the video (1080p) as very good for its price range. I was not sure what to expect. Turns out that there is a lot of barrel distortion as this is very wide angle lens / fisheye type lens. This makes the video have a very strong curvature along the horizon, and is particularly strong when pointing the camera lens downward (a hand feature). Also, perhaps it is my inexperience, but the yaw controls is rather sensitive, so it is difficult to get a slow and smooth rotation. Because of the barrel distortion and sensitive controls I gave this a 4-star instead of 5-star. But considering the price and full feature set this is still a great way to start in this hobby.

    Feb 14,2019

  • Maciej
    Bardzo dobry produkt, spełnia swoje zadanie
    Fantastyczny sprzęt za tą cenę. Polecam zakup, najlepiej wziąć klika akumulatorów bo jeden starcza na 10-15 minut lotu. Sprzęt bardzo łatwy w pilotowaniu, GPS, kompas, żyroskopy, wysokościomierz ciśnieniowy, to wszystko bardzo ułatwia pilotowanie. Wszystkie parametry lotu jak wysokość odległość, stan baterii, siła sygnału, ilość satelit w zasięgu podawana jest na wyświetlaczu pilota oraz w aplikacji. Aplikacja umożliwia dodatkowe opcje sterowania jak "śledzenie operatora", wskazanie "punktu zainteresowania" dla drona, czy wyznaczenie trasy, którą następnie dron odtworzy. Dodatkowo w razie problemów z zasilaniem lub łącznością dron sam wraca do punktu startu. POLECAM!!!! Koniecznie przed każdym startem trzeba wykonać procedurę kalibracji kompasu(bardzo łatwą)

    Feb 23,2019

  • RichievoL
    The best toy ive ever owned and Im 51 yrs old
    It flies magnificient! Im so happy with the JJPRO X5. I have flown it almost everyday since it arrived a month ago. The GPS makes it so anyone can fly it. I even let my dumb sister fly it. It will hover in place till ya tell it where to go. I let it get out of sight and got scared but pressed the Return to Home and it did, whew!

    My first film using my Wonderful JJPRO X5 EPIK
    This quadcopter is a blast, The funnest toy ive ever owned but
    the camera is a lil TOO SHAKEY for cinimatic stuff .
    Well, every once in a while u capture something like this and
    honk, honk, I Like It
    Check out anybodies youtube review and they all love the JJPRO X5. Still dont have a phone with "802.11ac" or 5G but i got one one the way from gearbest. Make sure ur phone is 802.11ac compatible or ya wont be using half its features
    Love it, RichievoL

    Dec 12,2019

  • fly71
    JJPRO X5
    Spedizione arrivata nei tempi indicati e il vettore ha avvisato il giorno prima della consegna.
    La confezione completa come da descrizione e opzione con 2 batterie.
    Oggi fatto il primo volo , il drone si comporta bene ai comandi ed è molto stabile in configurazione manuale un poco ballerino , ma dovuto alla presenza di vento , ma tutto sommato è piacevole nella guida, non eccessivamente veloce negli spostamenti.
    Visto il primo volo non ho voluto eccedere e testare la distanza del segnale allo smartphone, sono arrivato alla quota di 80 mt
    le immagini registrate sullo smartphone e non su micro sd perchè ancoranon acquistata.
    L'ottica della telecamera presenta molto l'effetto curvatura dell'immagine ,ma al prezzo di vendita non si può pretendere il top, quindi un buon rapporto prezzo/qualità.

    Feb 24,2019

  • Deutschland
    Prima Drohne
    Ich habe bisher nur einfache Drohne besessen. Endlich eine mit GPS. Und es funktioniert alles wunderbar. Einmal den Heimkehr-Button betätigen und die Drohne fliegt ohne irgendwelches Zutun auf ihren Startplatz zurück.
    Die Steig- und Fluggeschwindigkeit sind sehr gut. Follow Me, Point of Interesst sowie der Headless Modus funktionieren wunderbar.
    Die Fotoqualität ist für den Preis sehr gut. Die Videoqualität ist auch gut, jedoch Aufgrund der einfachen Dämpfung ziemlich verwackelt. Der Kameraschwenk von der Vertikalen in die Horizontale funktioniert problemlos.
    Die gute Handy-App liefert außer dem Kamerabild noch einige Informationen wie Flughöhe, Entfernung vom Ausgangspunkt, Batteriestand usw.
    Für das Geld kann man bei dieser Drohne bestimmt nichts falsch machen. Ich würde auf jeden Fall zum Paket mit den 3 Akkus raten.

    Feb 25,2019

  • FOX
    Неплохой дрон за небольшие деньги
    Разочаровала долгая доставка 45 дней. К продавцу претензий не имею, это уже "логистика" подкачала. Дрон в управлении хорош. Все четко и понятно. Не страшно взлетать возле деревьев. Если связь с дроном теряется, всегда возвращается в исходную точку. Немного раздражает "бикаиние" пульта при низком заряде батареи, которое нельзя отключить (в то время как дрон еще спокойно может летать минуты 3-5). Также немного непродуманная сумка - чтобы все упаковать нужно постоянно отсоединять камеру от дрона - иначе будет упираться в пульт. От камеры не стоит ожидать многого - до 4К ей далеко. В целом дроном я доволен. Как первый дрон для новичка - просто супер!

    Mar 17,2019

  • Shane Davies
    Awesome GPS camera drone, easy to fly
    I've taken this quad out six times now and have been happy with every flight. The GPS is amazingly accurate, it's easy see in the sky and I find it very easy to fly. very solid construction too, I would recommend it for beginners with it's ease of use and failsafe functions. I'm happy with the camera quality though it can look a little grainy when flying quickly or rotating. My favourite feature of this drone is the ability to remotely tilt the camera up and down. With a slightly more advanced camera I would give this quad 5 stars.

    Jan 18,2019

  • Valdirlei Baldoino
    Muito bom chegou em menos de um mês, muito bem embalado...
    chegou bem antes do previsto, Drone pelo preço atende muito bem, fácil de manusear, câmera top, bateria estou vendo ainda mas creio que aguenta 15 a 20 minutos, só o siga-me que ainda não consegui fazer funcionar mas logo aprendo, achei meio esquisito não possui uma chave para ligar e desligar o droner assim que coloco a bateria já liga, mas recomendo muito tenho amigos que já queria me comprar aí já convenci a eles a pedir, estão de parabéns, só me arrependo de não ter comprado com 3 bateria e a bolsa... mas vou pedir agora, não perca tempo compre vc tb muito top...

    Jun 26,2019