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  • Marek beers
    The best bang for your buck!
    I just got this car and it is amazing. Went to the bmx track bashed the hell out of it and it still works! I also have a traxxas slash 4x4 but that thing broke pretty quickly but this thing is so much more durable and funner to drive because of its crazy power and handels different in a good way! Its hobbywing esc is also sooo good! I also un screwed the wing and put it back with zipties so the spoiler will give so it just wont snap off!
    Servo lacks a bit when you do some speedruns.Tires are better then expected! But they do wear a little but thats because i was running on concrete. Needs a little thicker oil i recommend around 900 cst.

    May 08,2018

  • GB_Guest
    Good car for the money
    Good car for the money. Transmitter is a nice FlySky controller. Basic ESC functions are programable without a programing card. Stock lipo is pretty good. Included charger it's not so bad (2,5 hours from 3,8 V/cell). Very grippy tires. The wheele bar works very well. Overall it's a pretty sturdy car. Comes with some nice LED lights front and back.
    Too high geared (hard to control at low speed and makes the motor run very hot even on 3s). The shock oil is too thin and makes the car hard to control on hard turns. A bit too much play on the wheels (not noticeable when using it).

    Aug 02,2017

  • Joonil Park
    so far so good...
    item arrived undamaged from shipping. shipping took 13 days to WA, USA. everything looks to be in good working order. although the description says LED lights are not included, mine still came with them so that is a nice surprise. all the electronics seem to work well indoors, but i have not field tested it yet. transmitter comes with trim and dual rates for both steering and throttle which is very nice addition.
    packaged arrived in rough condition, but I am being very picky about this. it is not clear whether or not the included ESC can be programmed or modified. if there are any other issues I will write another review.

    Mar 15,2017

  • Respawn2k
    Fast and durable ...
    I ordered two JLB 21101 for my son and myself. What a car ... this car can do everything you want.It is fast ... really fast..... ( try to play at 20% ) the first couple of run or you gonna crash and crash again.Pro : amazing careasy to reparespare parts easy to findfastsolidsupport big bashingcan play on road, dust, sand, etc the Jlb is afraid of NOTHING
    cons :original screw love to pop out so prepare to buy a couple of m3 with threadlock. nothing else.

    Aug 13,2018

  • Omar
    JLB Racing 21101
    Huge - Wayyy bigger then my other cars that are 1/12 scale (Heavy too) Super Fast - If you have enough open road this thing is quick Led Lights - Brighter then I expected and are in the front and back (Great at night!) Transmitter - Has a nice cushion grip Plastic Cover - Attractive and can take a beating!
    Tires - Balloon up when your driving Distance - It says 200m but seems shorter Playtime - Says 20 mins more like 10-15 mins Charge Time - Takes forever...(I just left it to charge overnight) Transmitter: Reaction Delay

    Apr 27,2017

  • Pedro
    JLB Racing 21101 1:10 4WD RC Off-road Truck - RTR - WITH 80A ESC BLACK
    Pelo preço é um bom carro. Boa construção, material resistente (tenho algumas duvidas em relação ao veio de transmissão, mas só testando). A Tipo é bastante boa e tem a duração indicada. Bons pneus, o comando bastante simples de utilizar e ergonómico. O modelo trás leis à frente e atrás. Muito rápido e com muita potência.
    Poderia trazer peças extra.

    Jan 03,2018

  • Sherman
    kleines und robustes Spielzeug
    Wirklich klein ist die Karre nicht. Rennt super über die Wiesen. Leider lässt sich die Lenkung (Spur und Sturz) nicht richtig gut einstellen. Auf der Straße läuft es nie richtig geradeaus. Außerdem hat es so viel Schub, dass man besser auf rauem Untergrund fährt. Ansonsten neigt es dazu, sich andauernd zu überschlagen. Ersatzakku in D gelauft. Aufladen mit gutem Lipo Lader lohnt. Insgesamt ein feines Spielzeug!!!
    Lenkung nicht gut einstellbar.

    Oct 11,2017

  • Ashraf
    Jlb 21101 electric tv car
    Very good for the price solid car really fast . Has parts available online . I am so pleased with it, recommend 100%

    Jan 05,2019

  • ChinWK
    JLB Racing 21101 4WD RC 120A - RTR
    Bigger and heavier than expected. Very very fast. High build quality. Transmitter/Receiver is MT-305 instead of GT-2E. Love it very much.

    Oct 31,2017

  • Jay
    nice rc car fast.........
    The price is cheap and fast.................Quality is very good

    Jul 04,2017