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  • S. L.
    Un bon compromis
    La Mecool KM3 est l'uns rares boiters à rouler une version d'Android conçue pour les téléviseurs. S'il n'est pas compatible avec un certain nombre d'applications conçues pour les tablettes et téléphone, il compense avec une expérience utilisateur moins frustrante que la majorité de la compétition. On appréciera son écran d'accueil fonctionnel et son syntonisateur télé capable de combiner plusieurs sources de données, obtenues soit à partir d'un HD Homerun, un TV Headend ou diverses applications IPTV. Il s'agit d'un bon compromis entre la Mi Box, à mémoire réduite et sans prise Ethernet, et la Nvidia Shields, qui coûte le double du prix.

    Les amateurs de Netflix seront pourtant déçus. Le géant du streaming fait la guerre aux petits fabricants de boitiers. Pas moyen de lancer Netflix pour Android TV OS, ni de de visionner ses émissions à l'aide du Chromecast intégré, approuvé par Google. Il faudra soit charger une version abandonnée de l'application conçue pour les tablettes et se munir d'un air mouse, ou bien installer Kodi 18 avec une extension Netflix non-officielle. Quant à Prime Video, il fonctionne sous Chromecast, quoique l'application très fonctionnelle qu'on peut obtenir sur Nvidia Shield n'est pas distribuée par le Play Store.

    Les plus gourmands en bande passante reprocheront la vitesse modeste de la prise Ethernet, qui est toutefois suffisante pour visionner les streams en 1080p et peut-être plus. Ma plus grande déception restera cependant l'impossibilité de mettre à jour certaines applications, comme le gestionnaire de fichiers FX, ou même d'activer la clé qu'on a acheté par le Play Store pour accéder à ses fonctions Premium.

    Dans l'ensemble, c'est autrement un boitier très fonctionnel.

    Aug 07,2019

  • Eduard Ionescu
    Mecool KM3 sets a new reference baseline in tvbox market
    I like the new concept it brings with voice command. speech recognition works perfectly,because is from Google, search is fast and accurate. works in Romanian too. I just bought my second wife, I can speak with this device.
    I don't like that I don't have the standard Android UI, Play store with all the apps, it seems that box is filtering out a lot of applications, so the available list of apps is quite poor, not the same as other, older boxes. but it is great that is Google certified, because Google stopped the Play store support of many other uncertified devices, so is a good long term investment.
    Attention, box GUI is optimized for TV operations, is not a stock Android 9 device.
    Mouse support is poor, does not recognize clicks on letters from on-screen keyboard.
    Remote control is very good, works on Bluetooth and can be used to play games, like BB Racing, my fav.
    I like it is very elegant, sexy and fluent to use this device, I don't like I lost the power of stock Android settings screens.

    May 15,2019

  • барахольщик
    Не плохой тв бокс
    Доставка заняла чуть меньше месяца. Приставку заказывал другу. Так как раньше заказывал себе такую, ему понравилась и решили заказать. Приставка и пульт работают. Блок питания не оригинал, тот что сейчас пришел отличается от тех что я раньше получал. Но работает как надо. Как обладатель Mi box 3 и Mecool km3 хочу сказать что mecool km3 на порядок выше чем mi box 3 . В одном только проигрывает это соединение и скорость по wi-fi .
    Delivery took a little less than a month. I ordered a prefix to a friend. Since he had ordered one before, he liked it and decided to order it. The console and remote control are working. The power supply is not original, the one that came now is different from those that I used to receive. But it works as it should. As the owner of Mi box 3 and Mecool km3, I want to say that mecool km3 is an order of magnitude higher than mi box 3. In one, it only loses this connection and speed via wi-fi.

    Feb 14,2020

  • Poseidon
    Awesome box fro Mecool range
    This is my 2nd Mecool box. The 1st being M8S Pro L which is already a year old and still awesomely fast, trouble free and my family daily driver. This KM3 will now become our main daily driver. Package was delivered nicely packed, box is nice and the box array all my setup is even faster. Hope it will last me at least 2 yrs before the next upgrade. Plays Netflix 4k with a little tweak and I'm extremely happy. Haven't game on it but that's not the priority. 5g wifi connection is super stable with about 15m from router

    May 22,2019

  • BoJank
    Mecool KM3
    This is my first tv box which i decided to buy after reading many reviews
    My first impression is that the box works very fast and reproduces High quality videos, 3D and impressive 4K videos reproduction
    IPTV apps work perfectly and i recommend using direct cable for connection rather than wigi as it syops from yine to time
    The google speech comand could be more accurate as it doesent recognize always multiple words accurately
    Still testing and will come back with additional comment

    Nov 07,2019

  • барахольщик
    Mecool KM3
    Доставка заняла три недели до Молдовы . Упаковка просто серый почтовый пакет .Коробка чуть помялась но содержимое не пострадало и работает как надо. Батареек в комплекте нет так что советую заранее прикупить. Стандарт ааа . Голосовой поиск работает как надо. WI-fi 2.4 имеет слабую скорость. Например рядом находится Mi box 3 и у него на порядок выше приём сигнала 2.4 . А вот wi-fi 5 ггц в этом случае просто необходим как и подключение по кабелю. Радует большое количество памяти в сравнении с Mi box 3 . В целом заказом остался доволен.

    Oct 30,2019

  • Varinder Maksudpuri
    Pretty Good TV Box
    This is very Awesome Andriod TV box.
    recieved on 11th day.Got NZ power plug too.
    seems very fast but only have one issue:- remote doesn't have courser/Scrolling button,need to press left,right,up,down bloody all the times. apart from that it seems great. will update my comment again after using it for few days.
    Recomend the seller A+

    Dec 31,2019

  • Lamont Battle
    MeCool km3 android Box
    The mecool android Box is a powerful yet compact device.Fast,smooth as silk and a dream to use.The voice remote is a pleasure to use.Quick and easy set up,uncluttered menu,fast,clean operation of all features.The movies are clear and realistic,while audio is dynamic and encompassing in surround mode.It's my 3rd MeCool android Box.I highly rate this Box as well as the mecool m8s proLBoxes,five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Sep 18,2019

  • Camilo
    Mecool Km3 Android TV
    excellent purchase, the device is very fast, Google original Android TV, the right Bluetooth with other devices, correct Chromecast with other phones. a month with the box and the only one but it is to resume after Stand By does not react in several times it has happened to me.

    Jul 04,2019

  • Vini
    MECOOL KM3 Android 9.0
    Выбирал из нескольких вариантов , остановился на модели со 128Ггб (может и не пригодится вся память,но лучше останется,чем будет нехватать). Параметры устраивают. Прибыло в Украину (заказывал вместе с часами) за 10-12 дней курьером под дверь. Удобно . Подключил,работает. Проблем нет. Юрал по флеш распродаже за 82 у.е. (+страховку оформил 3) = 85 у.е мне подошло. Задумываюсь над приобретением второй такой же.

    Aug 22,2019