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  • Abelekum Onemufien T
    Qin 1S+..Best In This Range
    This phone is exceptional. Immediately I unboxed Qin 1S+ I felt its premium, flat and squared design; very comfortable in hand and flat.

    Unlike ZMI Z1, this phone has IR blaster, the option to choose which SIM you want to make calls or send text and also which SIM will be used for data which ZMI Z1 doesn't have.

    I receive this phone without a Charger. The only items I found in the box are Phone (Qin 1S+); Type C USB Cable; Injector Pin; Manual & extra UK Adapter.
    Internet Radio- You can listen to Radio only when you are connected to the Internet.

    This Phone is a value for money but let the company work on the radio through a software update as-Internet Radio is not a good option because if you are not connected to the internet you can not make use of the Radio.

    Sep 22,2019

  • Isaev
    QIN 1S + 4G смартфон от Xiaomi Youpin
    Из плюсов: лёгкий и простой мобильный телефон с большим объёмом батареи и экраном. Из минусов: отсутствует русский язык. Доставка по времени заняла 24 дня до Татарстана.

    Sep 14,2019