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  • Avantarion
    Xiaomi ROIDMI QUKAN B1 Protective Glasses Detachable Anti-blue-rays Protective Glasses
    Came in excellent condition. Packed in air bag. Worthy, stylish, useful accessory. High quality. Light and comfortable. Easy to replace the shackles. Solid box. High quality equipment: two pairs of different interchangeable shackles, two different sizes of the stands for nos, an instruction, a napkin and case for glasses. Suitable for anyone, universal.

    Пришли в отличном состоянии. Упакованы в воздушный пакет. Достойный, стильный, полезный аксессуар. Качество на высоте. Лёгкие и удобные. Простота в замене дужек. Солидный бокс. Качественная комплектация: в коробке две пары разных сменных ушек, 2 носоупора разного размера, инструкция, салфетка для стёкол и футляр для очков. Подойдут любому, универсальные.
    Only price.

    Jun 05,2018

  • Danilo
    Xiaomi Rodimi B1 Protective Glasses
    Italiano: Passando spesso molte ore tra televisione e computer iniziavo a sentire una certa stanchezza e ad avere gli occhi infiammati. Uso questi occhiali da ormai quasi due mesi e posso dirvi che il senso di stanchezza è diminuito e non ho più avuto problemi con l'infiammazione degli occhi. La costruzione degli occhiali è buona e nella scatola troviamo: gli occhiali sono molto leggeri e hanno due paia di naselli, due paia di aste di ricambio, un contenitore per il trasporto e una pezza per pulire gli occhiali. Ottimo prodotto!
    English: Spending many hours between television and laptop I was beginning to feel a bit tired and my eyes flashy. I've been using these glasses for almost two months now and I can tell that the feeling of fatigue has decreased and I have no problems with eyes inflammation. Eyeglass construction is good: the glasses are very light and in the box we found: two pairs of nose pad, two pairs of pair of ear-stem, one carrying box for transport and one cleaning cloth. Great product!
    Italiano: Niente da segnalare al momento
    English: Nothing to report at the moment

    Aug 29,2017

  • Nico. L
    Un beau et bon produit
    Packaging très complet, avec deux montures, un petit chiffon, la boiboite pour les ranger et deux petits support pour le nez.
    Le produit est très sympa à porter et j'espère qu'elles me seront utiles dans ma futur vie devant les écrans.
    Un peu d'a priori au début à commander pourquoi ? Et bien car le produit est disponible en trois couleurs, noir, bleu et truc chelou et que je ne savais pas quelle couleur j'allais recevoir vu que le seul choix dispo était "colormix" et cela signifie qu'ils expédient au pif selon l'arrivage, par chance c'est la noir qui est arrivé, même si le bleu m'aurai beaucoup plus intéressé, mais c'est le jeu ma pauvre Lucette.
    Rien pour l'instant

    Apr 05,2017

  • Andriy
    Xiaomi ROIDMI B1 Protective Glasses
    Good build quality
    Fast dispatch
    There are positive effects of recovery, eye strain by reducing the intensity of light from the cold range to warm,
    reducing the capillary mesh in front of the eyes.
    The maximum equipment that can be for glasses
    Two pairs of brackets two attachments to the nose. Storage case.Razor.
    I recommend this product.
    Only in original performance.
    Nothing for this price

    Jun 27,2017

  • Helton
    Veio muito bem embalado em um saco com plástico bolha resistente!

    Produto Incrível! Xiaomi dipensa apresentações.
    Embalagem elegante e todos itens em uma caixinha separada.
    Óculos Leve, totalmente modular e muito elegante.
    Came nicely packed in a bag with bubble wrap resistant!

    Incredible Product! Xiaomi does not attend presentations.
    Elegant packaging and all items in a separate canister.
    Lightweight, fully modular and very stylish.
    No cons! :) :) :)

    Dec 15,2017

  • Jj
    - 9-layer coated lens, protect eyes from blue-ray and other harmful lights from computer, TV, LED, etc.
    - Anti-blue-rays, UV-resistant, radiation-proof, fashionable decoration
    - Detachable ear-stems and nose pad, standard version and sports version for meeting your different needs
    - TR90 frame and resin lens, top material and fine workmanship
    - Lightweight and ergonomic design, comfortable to wear
    - Specially designed for those who use digital products for a long time
    - Nothing

    Jun 05,2018

  • Antony
    Cool and stylish
    So they are stylish 5/5
    They protect from ultraviolet
    They may be realy safe your eyes from computer ( just i dont wear it always at my work because dont have time to clean think about "wow be careful y still wear glasses " just no time :))
    But if y work/play o lot in frinn of monitor thin its musthave item)
    just had some questions about why there is no ROIDMI name on legs but after support help Xiaomi Overseas e-mail answered me that " on other 10 000 pieces there is no logo so that good they they answer me but bad that i dont have logo (

    Oct 27,2017

  • Gregory Manni
    Parfait !
    J'ai commandé ces lunettes pour ma copine a la base ayant moi meme des lunettes Lusee Gaming, une fois les lunettes arrivées j'ai eu envie de les tester et de les comparer avec les miennes et moralité j'ai pris celles ci pour donner les miennes a ma copine ^^ elles sont légeres agréable a porter, les broches sont souples et échangeables, les contour de la monture sont plus fins pour un look plus sympa, le filtration est tres bien (35%) ah et il y a meme la petite poche de rangement dans le package d'accessoires, bref vraiment un beau et bon produit que je recommande fortement ^^
    Le seul inconvénient a mon sens serait la filtration de 35% des lumières bleues, j'aurais préféré une filtration plus élevée, mais c'est déja tres performant

    Aug 31,2017

  • Andrey
    Glasses to help eye sight
    These gloasses are a must-have for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, like me. First - Xiaomi delivers superb quality, the packaging is great, the glasses protect from the harmful blue light and, as a result, you can sleep better and your eyes are in good care. Second, they are stylish and look great. Third, the build is great and they look and feel expensive.
    There are none.

    Jul 18,2017

  • Дмитрий
    Xiaomi ROIDMI B1 Protective Glasses
    Очки очень понравились! работаю много за компьютером, на лице практически не ощущаются ну и глаза стали меньше уставать) хорошая комплектация, сменные дужки и "накладка" на нос)) + порадовал футляр и БОЛЬШАЯ тряпочка! Все пришло в запечатанной упаковке, за 2 недели, доставка с треком
    Хотите экономить с покупок, мне с каждой покупки возвращается до 10%! регистрируйтесь, прочитайте инструкцию и вперед)) там кстати очень много интернет магазинов, не только алик! letyshops.ru/soc/sh-1/?r=965365
    не обнаружил

    Aug 08,2017