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  • HaiHayzMOM
    It is really nice to be able to plug in multiple devices, it emits a low humming noise that can be annoying to light sleepers -LRB- I felt self-conscious about it in dormitory hostel -RRB-, but there were not a lot of affordable options that could both convert and adapt to multiple outlet shapes that could also accommodate multiple devices

    Feb 09,2018

  • Eduardo
    buen adaptador
    Sirve super bien y no es tan grueso, es tan grueso como una funda de celular y no es estorboso, está muy bien pensado porque el tamaño es bueno y no tapa el lector de huellas Pros: buen tamaño y funcional Contras : no admite carga rápida

    Dec 04,2018

  • Jessw28
    The multiple plugs and USB ports were very handy for charging all our devices, These devices are made for low to moderate power draw, and camera batteries charged and ready to go for our Italian adventure, There are three conversion plugs for other countries

    Jul 16,2018

  • Bogusława
    Wireless Charging Receiver
    working small size fits to every micro usb port light you can put it inside cover and nothing sticks out
    gives very low amperage like 440mA i'm very disapointed full charging time of 4000mAh battery takes 5 hours

    Feb 26,2018

  • Tracey1970
    The heating pad still worked and I was SO grateful !!!! My roommate on this trip forgot to bring a converter so she was able to charge her phone on here as well, I can't say enough about this amazing product !!!!

    Jan 13,2018

  • Nuno Guerreiro
    I'm disappointed
    It is the first time that I'm going to give a bad feedback, the product only works for 1 or 2 times. Very bad packaging, I think it is almost broken when I received.

    Nov 26,2018

  • Valerie Zraoula
    It was very convenient to have a converter/adapter with several plugs, There are three regular plugs and four USB slots, making the device safer, I It never got warm to the touch

    Aug 23,2018

  • andreia
    Wireless charger
    The product has arrived in 24 days.Arrived in good condition, very well maintained.the charger is very practical, I have tested it and it works very well.It's cheap.It is easily transported.I just have good things to say about the product.

    Aug 30,2018

  • Rodrigo Oliveira
    Really good for the price
    Does the job. It's really good for the price. Made my normal phone become a wireless charging phone
    Does the job. It's really good for the price

    Jun 24,2018

  • stacey peterson
    This small compact device works great !! Used it in both Brazil and Kabul - absolutely no issues what-so-ever

    Sep 10,2018