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Γυναικεία δερμάτινη επένδυση κουμπιών
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Γυναικεία δερμάτινη επένδυση κουμπιών

- Σκούρο Τυρκουάζ μικρό

Flow Bottom Καλοκαιρινό στυλ για casual τζιν σορτς Μίνι φούστα Sandal Camisole Μπροστά πτυχωτά
4.73 45 Αξιολογήσεις πελατών | Please refer to English description
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Women Vest Περιγραφές

Η κορυφή της δεξαμενής του βραχίονα με πλισσαρισμένο συμπαγές χρώμα σχεδιασμένο, απλό και κομψό. Διαθέτει άνετο ύφασμα, εξαίσια χειροτεχνία, υψηλή ποιότητα και εύκολο να ταιριάζει με άλλα ρούχα, χωρίς ποτέ να ξεθωριάζει, να ράβει ή να ξεφλουδίζει. Αυτός ο ολισθητήρας camis έχει έξι χρώματα για να διαλέξετε. Αυτό το κορυφαίο γιλέκο είναι κατάλληλο για να πηγαίνει έξω σε καθημερινή χρήση, όπως ψώνια ταξίδια και ούτω καθεξής.

Κύρια χαρακτηριστικά
● Υλικό: ίνα πολυεστέρα
● Κανονική εφαρμογή
● Εξατομικευμένη στο σχεδιασμό και λεπτή στην κατασκευή
● Έξι χρώματα για επιλογή

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά


Υλικό: Πολυεστέρας
Μήκος ενδυμάτων: Τακτικός
Τύπος μοτίβου: Στερεό χρώμα
Καλλωπισμός: Πτυχωμένο
Στυλ: Ανέμελος

Διαστάσεις και βάρος

Βάρος συσκευασίας: 0.2300 kg
Μέγεθος συσκευασίας (Π x Υ x Β): 25.00 x 20.00 x 1.00 cm / 9.84 x 7.87 x 0.39 inches

Περιεχόμενα συσκευασίας

Περιεχόμενα συσκευασίας: 1 x Επάνω μέρος δεξαμενής
Γυναικεία δερμάτινη επένδυση κουμπιών- Σκούρο Τυρκουάζ μικρό
Γυναικεία δερμάτινη επένδυση κουμπιών- Σκούρο Τυρκουάζ μικρό
Γυναικεία δερμάτινη επένδυση κουμπιών- Σκούρο Τυρκουάζ μικρό

Γυναικεία δερμάτινη επένδυση κουμπιών- Σκούρο Τυρκουάζ μικρό

Γυναικεία δερμάτινη επένδυση κουμπιών- Σκούρο Τυρκουάζ μικρό

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Our Size Fit US Size Bust Length
S 4 37 24
M 6 39 24
L 8 40 25
XL 10 42 25
2XL 12 44 25
3XL 14 45 26
4XL 16 47 26
5XL 18 48 27
Our Size Fit US Size Bust Length
S 4 96 62
M 6 100 63
L 8 104 64
XL 10 108 65
2XL 12 112 66
3XL 14 116 67
4XL 16 120 68
5XL 18 124 69

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Αξιολογήσεις πελατών

4.73 out of 5
  • 38
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  • 2
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  • KitKat
    Lovely top!
    I received this top in Canada in about 3 weeks. Not bad! The top is lovely, and I usually wear an XL, so that is what I ordered. Surprise! It fit perfectly!! This is not my experience with other companies. The fabric is nice, but there is no label to indicate the fiber content. I suspect it is rayon or a polyester blend, as it doesn't exactly feel like cotton, but it is still nice. However, the colour is supposed to be Dark Green, and it is BRIGHT TURQUOISE!! Luckily, I like turquoise, so I'm keeping it, but the colour is nothing like the photo. In fact, I've attached a photo of the one I received. I would consider ordering from them again.

    Apr 02,2019

  • Jennifer
    Great top
    The vest looks just as pictured. The material is soft and comfortable. This camisole is a little long but can easily be tucked in jeans.

    I wear the loose vest with skinny black pants, jeans, leggings, shorts and skirts and this sleeveless vest looks great. It's long enough to cover the booty and the buttoned neck is modest enough to be appropriate in all settings without sacrificing style.

    You can change different style easily. If you wanna look hot, undo the first button and pair it with denim shorts. When paired with mini skirt or loose shorts it will make you look cuter. Overall this is a great top!

    Feb 28,2019

  • Devin Pollitt
    Nicer than expected
    Got this tank top today and had to give a review. It is so soft and comfortable and looks terrific!
    I got the medium orchid color and it looks as good as pictured, the color is rich and pretty. The material is superb and it's as good a quality as I buy at high end retail department store. For me, it fits pretty true to what I expected. What’s more, it has a design that breathes well without being loose, keeping you cooler in the heat.
    Looks stunning when pairing with my favorite jean shorts exceptionally. Overall this has made another welcome addition to my wardrobe.

    Jun 17,2019

  • Chloe
    My favorite summer tank top!
    I have a pear shape, so I really don't like ordering online, but I thought I'd give it a try after all my friends started doing it. I got an S, which is my usual size, and I am very pleased with the tank top. It hugs my hips, and it doesn't hang as loose as it does on the thin model like the picture on the website, which I really didn't expect it to. Suitable for wear both at work and at leisure times.
    It's completely comfortable. I have washed the tank top many times, and it is just as nice as before. I hang it on my clothes drying rack, I feel like that makes a difference. Love it so far!

    Jun 10,2019

  • Eleanor
    Super cute vest top with nice soft material. Gave it 4 stars exclusively to let others know that this women vest runs a bit longer. It's one of those tank tops you might order to sort of cover over the hips you might not like cause this loose & long sleeveless vest makes you look shorter ( when you put on a pair of pants ) but because it has a buttoned neck, it can draw attention to your bust area.

    Recommend sellers consider lengthening the shirt cause if it was shorter it would be super cute & a near perfect casual to dressy tank.

    Mar 01,2019

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